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CATS Members will be responsible for helping to maintain the integrity of NFT art for many years to come. Upcoming and unknown artists will get a chance to shine.

Even if you do not make NFT's you will want to become a CATS member to help steer the Crypto/ NFT community in the right direction with your suggestions and vote. BECOME A MEMBER NOW so you can help influence the ever growing NFT community.

By becoming a member of CATS you will be able to sell more NFT's. NFT buyers will have the ability to check if you are a CATS member. All artists must agree that we have permission to use their NFT Art on our site to help promote the artist. After you register, Place the certified seal of approval in the title of your project splash page.

You will want everyone looking at your project to know you are a CATS member.


Get a Charter members discount 40% off 0.25 ETH your membership 0.15 ETH. One time annual Membership fee also allows you to enter one NFT project for possible multiple awards. Click Here to enter your NFT project. Enter additional project(s) Here for .1 ETH for each extra entry.

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